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System Ownership

The system manager is the link between the software provider and the users. He collects their questions and problems and solves them himself as far as possible. Inquiries to the manufacturer are precise and formulated in a language that developers can understand. Possible process errors are recognized at an early stage thanks to the system owner's company knowledge.

However, not all companies have their own IT departments or the employees are required for other work. In this case, it is advisable to bring an external partner on board. Through my experience with various ERP, CRM, e-commerce and marketing systems, I offer you a great deal of knowledge and best practice experience in many areas.


My experience as a project manager on the part of software providers has shown me that systems that are not maintained can become a company risk and often cause high costs if they have to be updated.


A system / software owner helps to regularly discuss adjustments and updates with the users and the provider so that the software optimally supports the user.


If you do not have the resources, we would be happy to support you.


Get in contact with me and we can determine your individual advantages.



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