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Here you will find an excerpt of my projects, provided they are not confidential. If you have any questions, I am always at your disposal. My range of knowledge is cross-industry and I am constantly educating myself.

Oyo eBook Reader
OYO eBook Reader - Thalia App

As part of the 50th IFA , Thalia presented its own e-book reader OYO , which went on sale in Germany in autumn 2010, significantly earlier than the competing device from Amazon (Kindle ).

As a representative for Thalia Switzerland, I was closely involved in the development of the device and the software and contributed various optimizations and improvements. In the following year, Thalia developed the OYO II with 3G support. Our project group also designed this and the Thalia apps.

Websites / web shops Weita Group

As the person responsible for e-commerce, I launched the first websites and web shops of the Weita Group with its subsidiary, Weita und Uehlinger Papier AG. The web shops are based on the Opacc One solution and are therefore directly linked to the ERP.

The portfolio also included customer-specific shop solutions (e.g. for the Eurest Compass Group) as well as own projects (

The group was able to establish itself in the online market early on, acquire new customers and optimize order processes. The design has since been modernized, but the basics are still there.

EDI connection to Coop and Transgourmet


The major customers Coop and the Transgourmet Group expressed the wish to connect their suppliers via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). The connection was implemented with the company Seeburger, so that various customers could be converted to EDI within a very short time. By converting the Prodega branches from fax to EDI orders, massive time and cost savings were achieved.

Marketing campaigns

From the concept to the finished campaign or website. Whether poster in worldview format, CPC advertising, social media presence, exhibition stand or content marketing. I know how to best reach your target group and how to communicate with them. My knowledge includes B2B as well as B2C experience.

Recommendation engine

The content of the Thalia / Stauffacher newsletter was initially supplied by the booksellers. Although this provided good content that was partially aimed at the target group. Within a short time I managed to introduce a recommendation engine that filled the newsletter content based on the customer's past purchases. As a result, sales on this channel could be increased considerably. webshop

In 2003 I developed the concept for a web shop for baby diapers and accessories. Customers can take out a diaper / care product subscription and receive diapers and care products at regular intervals. The subscription adapts to the age of the children so that they always have the right size. I have reserved the URLs and for this purpose. However, the project did not go live.

Sourcing / Pricing - Procurement

During my time in the trading company, I was always looking for and purchasing new products for customers. There were also some interesting pioneering products such as the kebab box, melamine cleaning sponge (Magic sponge), finger food packaging, lurex sponges and much more.

From the search for a suitable supplier to price negotiations with the customer, I handled everything autonomously.

In Quali Logo
Accompanying InQualis / ISO certification

As a project member, I accompanied InnoPark Switzerland on the way to ISO / InQualis certification and supported the creation of the project map.

Further projects on request

I would be happy to give you a personal insight into my work and help you to complete your project successfully. You can find an overview of my services here or by contacting me. I look forward to a successful project with you.

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