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WIX case study on OMT

Have you already asked yourself how WIX works or are you looking for a user report on the widely known CMS? I wrote a little essay about this on is the meeting point for online marketers. Here you will find articles by leading experts, webinars, podcasts, and a list of tools with user reports and ratings.

Since I have had access to the Internet, I have been creating my own websites. I started with the classic .html pages where you had to define the browser type in the page header and then made the appropriate adjustments so that the content was displayed correctly.

This was followed by pages done with Joomla, Wordpress and EPI Server and for the last 4 years I've been using WIX as well. The WIX CMS offers SMEs and startups an easy way to get started online. The costs are manageable and the possibilities are almost unlimited. The best part is that anyone can create as many pages as they want for free. Costs only arise when you decide to go live.

In my report on I describe the process of creating a website with WIX and use three examples (influencer, food truck and advertising agency) to show how quickly a page can be created.

Finally, I will go into the topics of SEO and mobile optimization of the content and discuss the current prices.

If you have any questions about WIX or need support in creating or maintaining a WIX site, I am at your disposal.


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